Union of Cyprus Municipalities

The Union of Cyprus Municipalities was established in 1981. Even though membership is voluntary, at present all municipalities (39), accounting for 65 per cent of the population of Cyprus, are represented.


The objectives of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities according to its statute are the following:

1. To act as the highest body representing the Municipalities of Cyprus on a national and international level, with a view to promote and defend their interests and objectives in a concerted manner.

2. To strengthen the political, administrative and financial autonomy and independence of the Municipalities.

3. To identify problems of a general or common nature and define the possibilities of the Municipalities, in order to draft policies and strategies and ensure their implementation.

4. To monitor and promote legislation relating to the interests of the Municipalities.

5. To interact effectively with the Municipalities in order to facilitate and enhance cooperation with them, thus offering them the possibility to communicate and exchange opinions and know-how among them and improve cooperation with Local Authorities from other countries.

6. To provide the appropriate support services to the Municipalities (research, studies, advice, training etc).

7. To cooperate with the trade unions representing Municipal staff and the various social and economic partners.

8. To project and highlight the political, social and economic/development role of local self-government and to encourage and facilitate citizen participation in the management of local issues.

9. To achieve the widest possible participation of Municipal Authorities in governance in Cyprus.



The General Assembly

The Union’s decision-making power is vested in the General Assembly.

The President

The President represents the Union before any authority. The President of the Union is the Mayor of Larnaka Mr. Andreas Vyras.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee implements decisions taken by the General Assembly.

The Secretary General

The Secretary General is responsible for the day-to-day operation of the Union. The Acting Secretary General of the Union is Mr. Christos Hadjiyiangou.