Within the framework of the SUSTAIN project, an Intranet has been set up, linking the websites of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities and TEDK Chios. The Intranet aims to accelerate and optimize the management and dissemination of crucial information to and from the Municipalities of North Aegean and Cyprus and their Associations, in order for all of them to have direct access to all the documents of the SUSTAIN project, as well as project ideas and proposals, partner searches and best practices.

The Intranet has been set up as an internal section of the website of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities. Via this internal e-space, registered users from the Municipalities or other stakeholders, will have access to partner searches gathered from the Brussels Office of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities and other sources, completed projects which can be considered as good practices, practical guides and other useful information, in order for even the most inexperienced Municipalities to have access to targeted and easy-to-use information. The Intranet will also give the opportunity for online comments, consultation, discussions and assistance. This function will initially have limited functionality until the majority of the users get acquainted with the system and learn how to fully use it by themselves, in a way that when there is a specific question or a final idea, all of the users who have access to the system will be able to share their experience and comments.

Access to this communication network will initially be given to registered users, only among the Municipalities of Cyprus and of the Northern Aegean Islands. In the future, access will also be given to users from other areas in Greece and other EU Member States. Gradually, the system will be upgraded and used more widely, to cover the demanding needs of digitalized communication among Local Authorities and their Associations, in an automatic and costless way.