Ammochostos Gate - Lefkosia District

Coastline - Lemesos District

Aliki Lake - Larnaka District

Aphrodite's Rock- Pafos District

Ammochostos Beach - Ammochostos District

Castle of Keryneia - Keryneia District

Project SKILLS – Transfer a model for ideas sharing and project management to develop new skills amongst local authorities within the framework

Type: EU Project
Location: Cyprus, Italy
Project No. 163223-EFC-1-2009-1-IT-EFC-SM


The project SKILLS was initiated by ANCI Lazio (Associazione Nationale Comuni Italiani) and was implemented by ANZI Lacio and UCM. It was financed by the programme Europe for Citizens and and its goal was to  create an innovative action in order to approach and encourage the participating European local authorities – a large number of which remain inactive as far as twinning actions is concerned – to participate actively in twinning actions. At the same time the goal of the project was to support the participating local authorities to create sustainable networks, in different sectors of their competencies which they consider among their priorities.