Pro-I3T: First training session to be held in Cyprus – 31/07/2012

The first training session of the  Pro-I3T project took place in Nicosia (Cyprus) on September 11, 2012. Participants have been trained upon the use of the information tools of  Pro-I3T (in Greek) as well as online partner search tools and the application procedures for the Europe for Citizens programme. Best practices from various European Regions have also been presented.

The workshop involved Municipal and Regional officers from various European countries, who presented relevant material from previous experiences and good practices, as well as useful guidelines for municipalities wishing to submit project proposals.

The session started with a welcome speech from Mr. Yiannis Antoniades, Secretary General of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities and then Mr. Fanourios Pantelogiannis, Head of Brussels Office of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities presented the Pro-I3T project and its information tools, including the Thematic Guides to EU Funding.

Following this presentation, Mrs. Ourania Georgoutsakou, Senior Policy Coordinator and Mrs. Regine Kramer, Policy Coordinator of the Assembly of European Regions presented the AER, its activities and the opportunities it offers to Cypriot Municipalities.

Mr. Cédric Virciglio – Director of the Bureau Alsace, talked about building synergies between local and European strategies through European projects and presented the Alsatian example. Following this presentation, Dr. David Moser, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Renewable Energy of the European Academy of Bozen/ Bolzano (EURAC), presented the PV Initiative on photovoltaic technologies and Mr. Mario Miranda, President of the NGO Norte Crescente, talked about youth unemployment and mobility programmes in the Azores.