Pro-I3T study visit to Brussels: 22-24 October 2012 – 31/05/2012

In the framework of the Pro-I3T project, a study visit will be organized from Cyprus to Brussels in October 2012. The visit is addressed primarily to newly elected Mayors (Municipal elections took place in Cyprus in December 2011) and new Municipal Secretaries of Cypriot Municipalities.

During their stay in Brussels, participants will get acquainted with the realities of Brussels, will discover the Brussels Offices of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities and the Assembly of European Regions, and will get informed about funding opportunities and other possibilities that the EU offers to local and regional authorities. Participants will also get acquainted with the European Institutions, their officers and working methods, but will also focus on more specific issues and contacts that they will choose according to their functions and interests. The study visit to Brussels will therefore hold a key role in the project, since it will familiarize Cypriot Mayors with the work and personnel of the EU (information visits to the Committee of the Regions and the European Parliament) and will give them the possibility to meet and establish direct contacts with representatives of other Municipalities and Regions from all around Europe.

The participants of the study visit will also participate to the final conference of the Pro-I3T projects that will take place on 23 October 2012 in Brussels. During this event, they will be trained on how to work with European programmes (especially the Europe for Citizens programme), will explore the possibilities for creating twinnings with Municipalities from the rest of the EU, as well as discuss challenges and potentials of the future programming period.

After the visit, participants will be asked to complete questionnaires in order to measure their degree of satisfaction for the study visit, based on ten criteria, related to their expectations before the visit, the structure of the program of the visit, the degree to which the visit served the purpose of the Pro-I3T project, as well as the knowledge gained from the visit.