Results and Conclusions of the project – 31/12/2012

The 31st of December marks the end of the Pro-I3T project, which has been co-funded in the framework of the “Europe for Citizens” programme and aimed at promoting the cooperation between the Union of Cyprus Municipalities and the Assembly of European Regions, in order for them to commonly develop information tools for the promotion of thematic Twinnings between their members, but also with Towns from the rest of Europe.

Fifteen thematic guides have been produced in English and in Greek. Thus, local and regional authorities around Europe are now able to find out all possible solutions for financing their project ideas, either through the “Europe for Citizens” programme, or through other EU programmes.

Two training sessions (one in Cyprus and one in Brussels) taught local and regional practitioners how to use the provided information material (CD-Roms, websites etc) and therefore how to improve the quality and the implementation procedures of their activities. A study visit to Brussels gave to newly elected Mayors of Cyprus the possibility to share their experiences in working with European programmes and the “Europe for Citizens” programme and to explore the possibilities to develop twinnings with Towns from the rest of the EU.

The benefits from the Pro-I3T project were multiple for all the involved stakeholders:

Union of Cyprus Municipalities: Building upon the interest of Municipalities and the knowledge that the DECISIVE and SUSTAIN projects had created in 2010 and 2011, the UCM obtained through the Pro-I3T project, a series of practical tools and Guides (see left), through which it can now effectively support the efforts of its members to participate in Town Twinning.

Assembly of European Regions: Just like the UCM, the AER gained through the Pro-I3T project, access to the practical tools of the project, through which it can effectively support the efforts of its members to participate in Twinning actions and other European programmes.

European Union: The Pro-I3T project reached hundreds of Municipalities in several European countries and has given to hundreds of officials, elected people and citizens, the chance to take part in a European action.