SUSTAIN Project: Second training session in Chios, Greece – 30/06/2011

Within the framework of the SUSTAIN project, the Local Union of Municipalities and Communities of Prefecture Chios (TEDK CHIOS) organized on June 28, in Chios, a training session under the title: “Europe for Citizens 2007-2013, financial tools, actions and implementation practices from public and private stakeholders of local and regional level”. In parallel with that event, ten representatives from Cypriot Municipalities, along with the Cypriot twinning coordinator, participated in a three-day visit to Chios.

The main aim of the training session was to present to the audience, good practices and experiences of the representatives and officials of Cypriot and Greek Municipalities. As concerns the three-day visit of the Cypriot group to Chios, the purpose was for the representatives of Cypriot Municipalities to visit areas of Chios, which have experienced the positive impact of the implementation of European projects, as well as to better understand the local culture and public processes of North Aegean.