High degree of satisfaction for the 1st training seminar of the DECISIVE project – 31/08/2010

As we have informed you in our previous issue, the first training seminar of the DECISIVE project was held in Limassol on May 18. During that seminar, 250 volunteers were trained in drafting proposals for funding through the Europe for Citizens and other European programs.

After the seminar, the participants filled out questionnaires in order for us to be able to measure their satisfaction with the seminar.

The questionnaire asked participants to indicate how satisfied they were (Not at all, Slightly, A Little, Satisfied, Very Satisfied) in relation to the following ten questions:

  1. Had you understood the purpose of the seminar before participating in it?
    2. During the seminar did you understand the purpose of it?
    3. Did the structure of the seminar program (selected topics and speakers) served to achieve this purpose?
    4. In your opinion was the purpose of the seminar achieved?
    5. How satisfied are you in general with the presentations/speeches?
    6. Do you think you have been given the opportunity to express your opinion during the seminar?
    7. How useful do you consider that this seminar was for the achievement of the DECISIVE project objectives?
    8. How much do you consider you have improved your knowledge on twinnings thanks to the seminar?
    9. How satisfied are you with the organization of the seminar? (Meeting room, meals …)
    10. To what extent would you recommend others to participate in similar seminars in the future?

According to the responses, participants were satisfied or very satisfied with 8 of the 10 criteria listed above. Many, however, said they had not understood the purpose of the seminar before participating in it (which is explained by the fact that it was the first action of this kind in Cyprus), and that they were not able to express their opinions (the questions raised were too many and were not answered due to lack of time).