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Β. Promotion and Implementation of EU Competitive Programmes

EU Competitive Programmes are programmes which are financed directly by the European Union΄s budget and are aimed at contributing to the implementation of EU policies.  As a general rule, these programmes are transnational, which means that the participation of partners from more than one member states is required for the submission and implementation of a proposal. Proposals are submitted for approval directly to the European Commission, without the intervention of the Institutions of the member state. The proposals submitted compete with proposals from all member states and successful proposals are selected after a comparative evaluation of all proposals submitted.

Local Authorities in Cyprus can take part and benefit through the exchange of best practices and specialization in different sectors of their competencies with other local authorities or oragnisations in Europe. The following link gives further and more detailed information for each of the EU Programmes in different thematic sectors

The Union of Cyprus Municipalities organizes on a regular basis conferences, seminars or/ and workshops with the purpose to inform and train Municipalities’ representatives concerning their participation in EU Programmes.

In this framework UCM has prepared the  European Programmes’ Guide which refers to selected programmes that might be of interest of Municipalities, according to their competencies. It provides information concerning the subject/ goal that each of the Programme strives to promote as well as relevant websites or sources of information which one could use in case of a particular interest.

As a member of the Assembly of European Regions (AER), UCM has activated Eurodyssey Programme ( for Cyprus. Eurodyssey Programme gives the opportunity to youngsters from Cyprus, between 18-32 years old to spend 4 – 7 months for a traineeship in a European country, member of AER. At the same time, public or private organizations from Cyprus are funded to host a young trainee at their organization, from a European country for occupational/vocational training, for the period of 4 – 7 months. For more information concerning the Eurodyssey Programme you can visit the website

The UCM participates itself in projects and activities implemented through EU Programmes with the purpose to develop capacities or to provide specialized knowledge to Municipalities in different sectors of their competencies.

Examples of those projects/ activities are the following:

Last but not least, UCM has prepared a document called Procedure for Participation in EU Programmes  aiming at further supporting Municipalities in participating and implementing projects and actions in the framework of European Programmes. This document was presented in different occasions (Conferences, seminars, workshops) in the framework of the projects described above and was disseminated to all Municipalities for potential use

European Policies and Other Co-Financed Programmes

Promotion and Implementation of EU Competitive Programmes

Projects in cooperation with the Council of Europe – Centre of Expertise for Local Government Reform