The DECISIVE project counts already nine months of life. And even though its two main actions (study visit to Brussels and final seminar in Cyprus) have not yet taken place, it is obvious that the project contributes to cultural change, in relation to twinning and European activities of municipalities as well as the participation of citizens to these activities.

Let’s take a more detailed look at the achievements of the DECISIVE project up to now:

Twinnings: It has now begun to be perceived by the municipalities that twinnings can be really useful and that they are not just synonyms with cultural exchanges or travelling opportunities.

Participation of citizens: It is important that citizens and especially organized citizen groups now understand (in those municipalities that this was not the case up to now) that they have the opportunity to work in close cooperation with municipalities and get actively involved in twinning. In at least two municipalities, the organized groups of citizens (mainly Youth Councils) already took the initiative to get in contact with their municipalities, in order to work together on twinning projects.

Union of Cyprus Municipalities: When the DECISIVE project began, a lot of Cypriot municipalities did not even have one officer who was working on twinnings or other European activities. Moreover, the officers of those municipalities that were more organized, did not know each other and many were not cooperating or even communicating with the twinning officer of the Union of Cyprus Municipalities.

Now, most municipalities have appointed at least one officer who deals with twinning issues. These officers have now met each other and have begun to cooperate and exchange information and ideas. It is important that even the Union of Cyprus Municipalities is now aware of the European actions of its Members. The attitudes seem to begin to change…