Organization of the CIVEX Commission of the CoR in Cyprus – 15/10/2010

The National Delegation of the Republic of Cyprus to the Committee of the Regions (CoR) and particularly Mrs. Eleni Loucaidou, Municipal Councillor of Nicosia, submitted a proposal to organize in Cyprus a meeting of the CIVEX (Citizenship, Governance, Institutional and Foreign Affairs) Commission of the CoR.

According to the proposal, the city of Nicosia will host the Committee members (representatives of European local and regional authorities), not only for the external meeting but also for a seminar with the following subject: “Promotion of European Citizenship: the contribution of Local and Regional Authorities”.

The purpose of this seminar is to exchange views on the progress made in this area. In particular, participants will have the opportunity to determine the role of local and regional authorities and their contribution to the strengthening of European Citizenship and the revitalization of the relations between citizens and the European Union.

The proposal has been accepted by the members of CIVEX Commission during their last meeting, held in Brussels on October 12th. The event will take place in Nicosia on 6 and 7 June 2011.