Participation in the SKILLS project – 08/01/2010

The Union of Cyprus Municipalities participates as a partner in the SKILLS project, which also aims to promote Town Twinning within the Municipalities of Cyprus. The lead partner of the project is ANCI Lazio.

The project’s overall goal is to create innovative actions, to bring local authorities from the two associations closer, to encourage the two partners (Lazio Region and Cyprus) to participate more actively in Town twinning activities and to support them in the creation and development of long-term thematic networks for common priority issues.

The following actions have been identified as priorities for the SKILLS project:

  • Creation of a website linking local authorities and paving the way to participatory processes concerning European policies. The information system will consist of various tools / web services, such as a RESEARCH PARTNER tool and Project IDEA area for the exchange of project ideas within the European Community.
  • Preparation of an INFORMATION CAMPAIGN aimed to analyse thoroughly – by means of meetings addressed to the officials responsible of each involved municipality – knowledge and skills on the subject of town-twinning. Special attention will be given to themes dealing with: EU policies and tools and EU co-operation among municipalities. Furthermore, the Seminars’ aim will be the promotion and diffusion of the SKILLS project, its contextualized results and learned lessons, as well as best practices to be transferred to other districts and territorial realities. The first meeting between Italian and Cypriot Municipalities will take place on April 16th in Cyprus.

Thanks to a high-quality communication campaign and the accomplishment of information sessions, it will be possible to reach local authorities everywhere with specific activities designed to provide “information, training, increased awareness” to actively involve and alert them as concerns issues of the SKILLS project.