The Local Government Reform in Cyprus is now a reality

The Local Government Reform in Cyprus is now a reality.

The Union of Cyprus Municipalities welcomes yesterday’s historic adoption of the three government bills that constitute the Local Government Reform, a milestone for local democracy in Cyprus.

We reiterate our position that this has been the most important modernisation attempt of our governance system since the establishment of the Republic. The consultation process was based on the European Local Self-Government Charter and the Recommendations of the Council of Europe, as well as expert technical and economic studies, in order to ensure the creation of financially and administratively independent local authorities, enabled to exercise local level policy. The Local Government Reform aims to provide the best possible quality of services for the lowest possible cost, hence promoting a better life quality for all citizens.

Despite some weaknesses found in the new legislation, we must recognise the important steps taken towards the empowerment of Municipalities, especially regarding their administrative and financial independence and the enhancement of their competences.

The necessity for a Local Government Reform has been recorded as a stable position of our Union for several years. All of our members have repeatedly declared their will and decisiveness to the goal of achieving the Reform project and, especially during the past four years, we have worked intensely in a spirit of democratic compromise to that end.

The existing Local Government system is outdated. The Local Government Reform is above all an investment on democracy, our country and its people. We state our readiness to work with the same will and loyalty towards its successful implementation, since the project’s benefits will be enjoyed first and foremost by each citizen. The people of Cyprus deserve this.

Union of Cyprus Municipalities
Friday, 04 March 2022